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The Clown Theatre  Foundation organizes children's programs in hospitals as a complement to child therapy.


/F.B. ny. sz.: 5931,public utility, established:1996  www.bohocdoktorok.hu/

For years, our group has applied a method acknowledged by specialists  which can be applied well in the special  environment. /fancy dress and program compilation, devices and gifts, situation studies, solutions etc/. The elaborated ideas  are creative and   suitable for both individual and group setting.

Expert opinions:


C.H.I.P.- Clowns in Hospitals International Program

The aim of our international program series:
- to present our experience and the learnable techniques of our activity at
as many places as possible
- to study adaptations of partner organisations

- to increase the popularity of our activity
- to make useful techniques and  experience accessible through the study 'Clowns in Hospitals'
- to provide useful directions applicable to the special hospital circumstances
- to help make this beneficial activity for children become regular in more and more hospitals 

The 'Clowns in Hospitals' method study presents techniques based on more than ten years' clown doctor experience for anyone dealing with children in hospitals independently or inside an organisation. People with a child occupation in hospital circumstances get a special preparatory training.

The CHIP project advertises the role of the games as a special method of children’s therapy.

It popularizes these occupations approvedly useful in the process of recovery.



The red heart and  a little cross from a white

surgical plaster on it is a symbol, which the   

program uses as an emblem, as a  





To promote the efficiency of the program we establish contacts in several directions with the name CHIP-CLOWN IN HOSPITALS INTERNATIONAL PROGRAM.


This program was written for all those, who with their professional knowledge, their experience, or with their helpful intention contribute to the successful use of the method study.


The clown doctors’ activity judging from feedback is acknowledged and useful (based on the opinion of specialists, psychologists, parents, hospital employees).


A method study and an advertisement accompanying it, presenting elaborate techniques,  contribute to the popularization of the actual activity on a large scale.


It is possible to increase the number of clowndoctors throughout the country and the planned publication gives serious help to them so that   they should be more effective in their  area.


The publication helps to make contact through the publication of contact information. The personal contacts help in the content development of the method study, and its professional examination, published yearly.


The publishing of the study may affect all segments of the clown doctor activity positively.


Budapest City Court

  Pk. 60043/1996




of the registry data of the foundation



The registry number of foundation: 5931


The name of foundation: Clown Theatre Foundation


The registered office of foundation : 2483 Gárdony, Jókai Mór u. 18.


The aim of foundation:  organization of theatrical performances for disadvantaged children living in a negative environment or suffering from illness. 



The classification of the foundation by aim:


The public utility grade of foundation: Public utility


The name and adress of the counsel of foundation is:Tünde Lipták, Komárno 94501, Gazdovská 2843/38, Slovakia


The number and the date of the legally binding judicial decision about the foundation's registration: Pk. 60043/1996/2, 01.02.1996


The abstract  was based on data of the foundation specified above as of 21st October 2010.



21.10.2010, Budapest



Kapás Zsolt


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